Monday, 18 February 2013

what's going on here

The ten minutes I spent running yesterday proved to be quite strange.  After all the recent snow, rain and cold weather it turned out to be very sunny and quite warm.  But what was even more remarkable was that I lost some weight.

I know, I know ... losing weight whilst running isn't unusual, but losing 0.54 kg (1.2 lb) in ten minutes is very strange.

That's a sweat rate of almost 3 litres per hour.  In February.

So what's going on ?  I've no idea but at least I'm losing some of the small amount of extra weight I've accumulated in the past five months.

Also, between now and mid June, to help with motivation during rehab, I'm allowed to enter a few short races (no longer than an hour) on two conditions. 1) I don't overdo things ... 2) I don't run at all on the following day.

Expect the first race to be in March.  No personal bests though ... not even an attempt.

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