Monday, 25 February 2013

thoughts for today

This morning, for the first time since last August, I went somewhere and ran home.  Only 30 minutes mind but it's a start ... slowly getting back to normal.

Not that many people think I'm normal in any way.  But that's OK with me.

Fay was going shopping this morning in Guiseley (about 6 km from here) so she suggested buying me a coffee before I left her to run home.  Brilliant idea.

And talking about ideas ... I've decided to run the Leeds 5k parkrun on 9 March and Fay has already agreed to resume her role as 'bag person'.  I'm due to run for 60 minutes on that day anyway so I can easily incorporate a 5k run at a slightly faster pace than normal !!!

And in early May Fay and I have decided to have short walking holiday in the Yorkshire Dales to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  We were talking over a couple of cups of coffee (one each, of course ...) this morning and we decided that there's no real need for us to spend a fortune just because we've been married 25 years.  Twenty five is no different really to 24 or 26 and there's no doubt we'll be together for a long time to come.  Barring accidents and illnesses of course.

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