Sunday, 23 September 2012

injury update

Arrived home from Northern Ireland a couple of days ago but since then we've been very busy - too busy to write something here anyway.  Mainly tidying and cleaning Keir's room - wow, that was amazing, the things we found down the back of the sofa and under the chest of drawers and ...

That took two full days !!! and last night we went to a friend's retirement party and didn't get back home until  mid morning today.

Also went to see a physiotherapist about my injured ankle.  Mainly to get as accurate a diagnosis as possible so that rehab will be as effective as possible.  So, the physio's verdict:  two grade 2 sprains to my right ankle.  That's unusual in itself but to further complicate matters both sprains are of an unusual type.  The first was a high ankle sprain of the syndesmotic ligaments which connect the bones of the leg to the top of the foot.  The second, which probably occurred after the first [whilst running on an already weakened ankle no doubt] was a medial or eversion ankle sprain.

Although I'm still taking ibuprofen the swelling has now 95% disappeared and the pain has gone but there is still minor discomfort when walking more than, say, 400m (0.25 mile) or up a long flight of stairs.  I'm also now doing calf stretches three times daily and will begin lunges in three or four days followed by bodyweight jump squats in seven to ten days (hopefully).

In the meantime I'm maintaining as much fitness as possible with upper body and core work and I've started cycling short distances and will increase the time on the bike slowly of the next few weeks as the ankle allows.  Not sure when I can start running yet but I imagine it will another week at least - and then only very short distances at first.

And on top of all that I returned from Northern Ireland with a cold.  Not happy.  Big toes still painful at times too.

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John O'Regan said...

Get well soon Chris and see you in Holland:)