Friday, 14 September 2012

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Let me begin by getting one thing straight ... for a few days after a 24 hour race my head is all over the place (always has been) and I'm prone to making silly mistakes and doing a few stupid things [please don't mention DIY to Fay].  This time the big error was in the last post and, just to correct any errors, it is my RIGHT foot and ankle that is injured, not my left.

Yesterday was the first day since arriving home that I've been able to walk unaided - still painful and slow though.  And painfully slow !!!  I'll keep using ibuprofen for at least another week but ice and rest won't be so easy to come by after tomorrow.  Three toes are still strapped up - including both big toes.

Tomorrow is the day Keir goes to university.  So Fay and I are going (with Keir) to Coleraine in Northern Ireland for a few days to help with accommodation, shopping, etc.  We'll be back (without him) on Wednesday and I'm not going to post anything until else then at the very earliest.  I'll probably be too busy anyway.

Training for my next race begins then.  Cycling, stretching and weight training ... not sure about running, we'll see how things progress whilst I'm in Northern Ireland.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words on Facebook, this blog, by email and in person.  They're much appreciated and really have helped ease the disappointment of only 231 km.  Disappointed with 231 km - that sounds ridiculous but it is exactly how I felt.

At this moment in time I can't say whether they'll be a full race report.  They probably will be but it'll be a few weeks late as rehab and university are taking up all my spare time at the moment.

OK let me finish with a few stats of which I'm very proud.  I've now taken part in ten 24 hour races and what follows is a summary:

pb ... 238.286 km
average of best 2 performances ... 234.896 km
average of best 3 performances ... 233.711 km
average of best 4 performances ... 232.286 km
average of best 5 performances ... 230.381 km
average of best 6 performances ... 228.924 km
average of best 7 performances ... 227.752 km
average of best 8 performances ... 224.912 km
average of best 9 performances ... 222.439 km
average of all 10 performances ... 218.381 km

average of 2 most recent races ... 226.029 km
average of 3 most recent races ... 230.115 km
average of 4 most recent races ... 228.276 km
average of 5 most recent races ... 228.922 km
average of 6 most recent races ... 228.770 km
average of 7 most recent races ... 227.752 km
average of 8 most recent races ... 224.615 km
average of 9 most recent races ... 222.439 km

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