Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The last few days

Yesterday's long run went without hitch.  I decided to run two separate 18 mile (29 km) routes with no rest between them - mainly to avoid carrying lots of refreshments.  It could have been a bit boring but by choosing the routes wisely that was avoided.

So, overall I ran 36.4 miles (58.6 km) in five hours exactly.  Very pleased with that as the weather has decided to give us something resembling summer ... at last.  Very warm and sunny towards the end (23.8 C/74.8 F).

Only strength work today but tomorrow it's an 8 mile (13 km) tempo run and on Thursday it's the club's annual 1 mile track race over in Keighley.  Looking forward to that.

And congratulations to Simon Anderson on joining the Bob Graham club at the weekend.  His time of 22 hours 33 was fantastic and well deserved.

Also well done to all the runners at the Anglo Celtic Plate who successfully proved their fitness to the selectors for the World 24 hr Championships.  Especially the English women who retained the team title.


Jeremy Mower said...

The team results for the Anglo Celtic Plate were;
MEN 1: England; 2 Scotland; 3 Wales
WOMEN:1Wales; 2 England; 3 Scotland

Chris Carver said...

Well done Jeremy for spotting the deliberate mistake :)

Of course, with Emily Gelder and Jen Salter running for Wales they were always going to be difficult to beat.