Wednesday, 11 July 2012

a very good week (updated) ...

Training has gone exceptionally well so far this week.  My training week starts on Sunday (yes, I know that's a bit unusual but it just fits better with everything else in my life) and apart from strength work it was just a steady 6 miles (10 km).

Monday afternoon was a long fartlek of just over 19 miles (31 km) which basically comprised alternating 6:50 at 10k pace with 4:00 easy.  That went very well indeed on an undulating route and the following morning I did another long run - more than 22 miles (36 km) this time.  Again I couldn't believe how easy it all seemed [8:11 per mile/5:05 per km].  I seem to be flying at the moment and I'm not sure why.  Feels good though.

Wednesday afternoon was to be the most difficult session of the week ... 5 x 1 mile (1.6 km) in 6:16.2 each.  Made even more difficult by the strong westerly winds in Wharfedale.  As I hadn't done any similar training for about 12 months, and I'm still in recovery mode (just about), I wasn't sure how I would fare.  I used the Otley 10 mile markers along Pool Road which meant reps 1, 3 and 5 were with a tail wind while reps 2 and 4 had a head wind.  The times were 5:58.2, 6:29.2, 6:16.2, 6:23.2 and 6:16.5.  The mean was 6:16.7 and considering the strong winds I very pleased with that.

Rest day today.

Yesterday I also received an email from UK Athletics confirming my selection for the World 24 hr Championships in September.  Very relieved after everything that happened in June.  I know that a few other runners have still to prove their fitness so I don't really understand why this confirmation email has been sent.  To everyone I presume.

Planning can now go ahead - pacing and nutrition mainly but also training for the next eight weeks can now be finalised.  For the nutrition plan I will use the ULTRArace 100 as the starting point as, in general, that worked very well indeed.  Just needs tweaking.  For pacing I'll probably use ... well, I know what my targets are.  And what I'm capable of.

Right, got to go, no more time.  More later.

OK I'm back now, sorry about that.  Worries regarding Fay, work, health sometimes take priority over this blog.  I'm sure you understand.

After editing some of the above I'm not sure I should be blogging about selection just yet as it doesn't seem to have been officially announced just yet.  Anyway congratulations to JP, PR, SH, DMC, EG, KH, MD and JS.

A couple of things I've just noticed:  (1) I'm the oldest person in the team and (2) the youngest man is a couple of years older than the oldest woman.  Hmmmm

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