Thursday, 17 May 2012

flapjack and racing

That flapjack ... well, it wasn't unpleasant and it was very slightly salty.  No problems at all on a 24.5 mile run (39.5 km) through Airedale and Wharfedale.  In fact I don't envisage any problems for a long ultra too and it seems to me to be a convenient way of taking on board the necessary electrolytes.

I found the basic recipe on the BBC website to which I suppose you could add almost anything you would want.

Anyway that trial happened on Tuesday morning and later that same day I took part in race two of the Harrogate District Summer Race League -  a fantastic series of six races between early May and late July.  This race was in Thirsk over a course described as 'a little under 10k'.  Last year I ran that in 37:28 but wasn't expecting to get too close to that time this year because of the morning's long run.

So my 37:01 came as a complete shock.  I started conservatively and seemed to get progressively faster with each passing mile.  Although in reality I guess that everyone else was slowing down at a far greater rate than me.  Still, I've got to be happy with Tuesday's training:  over 24 miles in the morning, 9.5 km (?) in 37 mins in the evening.

This morning I went for a run in the rain again and felt myself perversely enjoying it.  Perhaps I'm getting used to it ... or perhaps it's a different type of rain.

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