Saturday, 19 November 2011

injury update

Yesterday morning's visit to the physio was quite revealing to say the least.  After an X-Ray, another ultrasound scan and some prodding, poking and manipulation (by three different doctors) we now know what the problem has been.

It all started when I fell down the stairs at home four weeks ago.  I mentioned it on the blog at  Apparently I definitely injured my achilles tendon as mentioned before but I also picked up a stress fracture of the calcaneal (heel bone).  Apparently X-Rays often don't show stress fractures until they start to heal - a couple of weeks (or more) after the original injury.  More details about that at the virtual Sports Injury Clinic.

So, lots of rehab then for the rest of the year.  Eccentric calf stretches and massage with Deep Heat for the achilles.  Lots of rest for the stress fracture which means walking around as little as possible and when I do walk I've got to use a sorbothane heel pad (or similar) in my left shoe.

I am allowed to cycle though.  Yippee.  Looking forward to that (not).  So, at least I'm able to maintain a modicum of fitness for the rest of the year and beyond.  I'm back at the physio on 21 December (the day after I get back from Italy) and then, hopefully, I'll have some idea about returning to training.  At this stage I guess I won't be able to resume full training until February.

Which means changing any racing plans I may have been considering for the first half of 2012.


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