Friday, 11 November 2011

rehab - stage 2

I've just spent the past two weeks cycling, cycling and cycling.  With a bit of strength work, stretching and cycling thrown in for good measure.  The old achilles has been fine for the past seven or eight days so now I plan to take a risk and move onto the second stage of rehab.

This basically entails adding some actual running into the mix.  At first the running must be interspersed with walking but gradually, over the next four weeks or so, the amount of time spent running increases and the amount of time spent walking decreases.  All the while the total time spent running and walking per day also increases slowly from about 30 minutes to about an hour.

So, at first I'll be alternating 5 minutes walking with 2 mins 30 running for a total of half an hour.  This will eventually change as above so that by mid December I'll be running for 60 minutes.  Without walking.  And at that point, if all is well, I'll be able to resume normal training.

Been doing lots of strength work for the achilles and I've also put lots of strength and flexibility work for my shoulders into the weekly routine.  Hope it all pays off because I wouldn't want to race ever again whilst in so much pain.

Still doing some cycling too but for the next few weeks it will be only about 80% of what I've done in the last fortnight.  Cycling is no fun at all compared to running.

Ah yes ... finally, all the best to William Sichel and his helpers as they embark on another multi day adventure - Monaco this time.

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Anonymous said...

I've only been running for just over a year but 6 weeks ago picked up a similar injury but to my left calf. I followed a rehab programme not dissimilar to yours and was able to run a half marathon (albeit slowly) 4 weeks later. Good wishes for your recovery, slow but sure is definitely the way to go, almost like starting all over again!