Sunday, 19 December 2010

injury update

This morning I ran for the first time since last Sunday.  It was the club handicap in the beautiful Washburn Valley area to the north of Otley.  It looked wonderful in white - a bit cold though.

It was a five mile route mostly on roads through the small villages of Timble and Fewston.  The second mile was the worst and the snow on the ground made the times much slower than usual.  It didn't help that Menwith Hill police were patrolling the exceptionally narrow roads making passing difficult.

I didn't push things too hard as I didn't want to make my knee worse but afterwards I had no pain or swelling whatsoever.  Iced the joint soon after finishing and I'm continuing with the ibuprofen for at least a few days yet.  Right now, 4.5 hours after the run my knee feels fine ... well, over 95% ... which I'm pleased about.

Still continuing with cycling, stretching and strength work as usual and it's very likely that I'll resume running again before Christmas.

I've just started work on a plan B for next year just in case the IAU decide not to stage a World Championships next year.  Reading between the lines of various websites and emails this seems quite likely and I'll need at least one to 'prove my fitness' before the Commonwealth Championships in September.  Ideally I'd like to race twice before September and once after so I've just started looking at the options available.

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