Saturday, 11 December 2010

I can't think of a suitable title for this one

I've recently been reading a fascinating article about nutrition for ultra distance training on John Kynaston's blog [see link in the right hand column].  The correspondents Andy DuBois and Marc Laithwaite both have some very good ideas but after reading it all the best I can suggest is ...

... be sensible and use a few long runs and ultra races (not important ones) to experiment and see what works for you.

This morning I ran 7.2 miles fartlek on a route that took me past Stephen Smith's Garden Centre on Pool Road, Otley.  As I approached the garden centre I saw a woman running in a red top about 200m ahead of me, I wondered who she was but thought no more of it when she turned into the car park.  When I ran past the car park I realised there was only one car in it and the red topped runner was nowhere to be seen.

The car park is completely open with no place to hide.  She wasn't in the solitary car nor had she time to run into the shop (it was closed anyway, at 8.15am).  Very strange.

Apart from that ghostly beginning I had a good run.  Especially as all the snow has gone and this made it much easier - and safer - to run quickly.

Many of you will have noticed one or two changes on my blog in the last week or two.  Well there are also minor changes to the FUTURE RACES page and to the HELP AND ADVICE page.  If you know of any interesting websites or articles that would be of interest to the wider community please let me know and I'll consider adding them to the latter page.

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