Wednesday, 18 November 2009

progressing well

Everything is progressing very well following my recent spell in hospital.  Running has to be slow at the moment - my throat is still not up to 'puffing and panting'.

Lots of cross training though ... stretching, cycling, strength exercises.

Overall I'm feeling very positive about things at the moment - things are looking good.

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BearPear said...

Hi Chris, found you on a random Google search!

Your racing is amazing, totally awe-inspiring! I don't work with Fay anymore so we can't compare notes on our husband's running habits. Martin is having his 3rd knee op at the end of the month and is very grumpy that he can't run so much these days.

I hope that you aren't being too grumpy now that you are unable to train at the moment - sorry to hear about the recurring throat thing by the way.

Say Hi to Fay, get well soon and keep up the running!