Monday, 30 November 2009


Getter better all the time.  Now I'm able to increase the pace of my runs slightly, no quicker than about 7:45 per mile though (4:48.9 per km).  I'm also not to run for longer than an hour or so for this week and next.

Things are looking good though and all is set for me to begin training as normal on Saturday 12 December.

Recently I've also been cycling quite a bit and doing the usual stretching and strength/conditioning exercises which has taken my average weekly training time to more 10 hours for the first time in two months or more.

The first thing on the horizon really is the Otley ACs annual Christmas handicap held near Timble in the wonderful Washburn Valley about 7 miles from my house.  A very good social event which will be held this year on Sunday 20 December.

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