Sunday, 7 April 2013

more ramblings ...

I know I haven't posted for a while but until I can start training and racing properly again I don't really have much say.

Everything is looking up though at the moment, especially in the early morning spring sunshine.  Running at the break of dawn has been a real boost for me and I feel a renewed sense of wanting to get back to running for more than a few miles at a time.

Still must stick to the schedule though.  That in itself is good training ... good mental discipline to stick so rigidly to a schedule for such a prolonged period.

The recent holiday period was good, especially as Keir finally managed to get here ... and then managed to get back to Northern Ireland without any problems despite the threat of more snow.  We didn't hang around at the airport any longer than we needed to as Leeds Bradford Airport is a very cold place even in summer.  Being situated on the top of a very large hill doesn't help.

Between training I've been helping Fay with decorating and fixing things about the house.  Note that I'm only helping, Fay is much better at decorating than me so I let her get on with it.  She enjoys it much more than I do too.  Her recent health scare is well and truly in the past now too.

Although Fiona's is still ongoing and will be for quite some time probably.

Anyway that's enough of me rambling on for now ... more later.

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