Saturday, 20 April 2013

a marathon week

Well, this week has been fine for me.  Using different shoes for strength training has worked wonders and I'm back on track again.

Running on Thursday morning wasn't easy though.  Gale force winds and heavy rain meant that the 50 minutes felt like 150 minutes.  Character building, as I often tell myself.  Friday wasn't much better either.  If the runs on Sunday and Monday go well (as I expect they will) then I can begin training on three consecutive days.  Starting at a low level again and building up slowly so that the final three days will be running steadily for 50, 60 and 60 minutes.

But this week has been dominated by a couple of short races.  One in Boston, USA and the other in London, UK.

The Boston marathon will be remembered, not for being a great race, but for being the scene of a devastation rarely seen at sporting events.  Thankfully the perpetrators were identified and caught (or killed) but my thoughts go out to all those affected by the mindless violence of two brothers.

And so to tomorrow's race in London.  For the past few years, when watching the London Marathon, my attention has not so much been on the elite runners looking to win the race but on those rare souls who have taken part in every London Marathon.  The 'ever present club'.  In particular I will be watching out for Chris Finill who has run every London Marathon in less than 3 hours, a remarkable achievement.  Long may it continue Chris.

To finish today's post I thought I'd ask how many members there may be for the club of with the following rules:

 - been a runner continuously since before 1981
 - watched every single London Marathon live on TV
 - doesn't particularly want to take part in the London Marathon

Count me in ...

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Fiona Rennie said...

I almost make the criteria for the club, I've got two out of the three but I've only been a runner since 1986.