Wednesday, 14 November 2012

a difficult one to write

OK here goes ...

this isn't going to be easy but ...

On Wednesday 23 October (seems such a long time ago now) I saw the specialists in Leeds and had lots of tests, etc and then came the results.  Basically the original sprains were much worse than previously thought and included damage to ligaments, tendons and bones.  Ouch.

Basically there is no way I should have gone to Northern Ireland with Keir and Fay one week after the injury.  I should have been in hospital (or at home) recovering from surgery apparently.

The scans and x-rays showed that healing was taking place without surgery but it was likely to be a long process.

On Friday 2 November I ventured outside.  Feeling good I alternated 5 minutes walking with 5 minutes running for about 3.5 miles (5.6 km).  Much better than when I last tried that two weeks earlier - a definite and marked improvement.  All is not lost I thought.

A couple of days ago I saw the medical men again and had more tests so they can assess how quickly healing is taking place (or not) and I've been told to repeat my last 'run' on Friday this week, using how my ankle felt on 2 November as a benchmark.  I then have to email the doc on Saturday with full details of how it went.

I have been warned though, that I may never return to competitive running.

There's something to think about.  And I have.  Lots.

Takes me back to 1994 and an clinic appointment in Bradford a year or two after having half my right lung removed.  The conversation went something like this:

new student doctor:  "I understand you were a runner before you had cancer Mr Carver, what distances and pbs ?"
me:  "lots of running for my school and road races since then.  10k pb of 34:21 with about 90 miles (145 km) per week training."
student doctor:  "hmm ... I don't think you'll be running quite that much in future."
me:  "don't be silly.  If physically can run, I will run.  I may not run 10k in 35 minutes ever again but there's no doubt at all I'll still be running."

Within three years of that conversation I was running 100 miles (161 km) per week and had new pbs for 5k, 5 miles and half marathon. I later set a new personal best at 10 miles and ran 10k in less than 35 minutes two further times.

The point is ... I will be back out there.  HAVE NO DOUBT.  Hopefully in 2013 but we'll have to wait and see.

Apologies for this post being a bit random and haphazard - that's how my running thoughts are at the moment.  See you all at my next ultra.


dave said...

Give it time Chris you've got plenty of K's in the legs a long layoff wont stop you being competitive when you return as long as the problem fixes itself. Then when you come back try and get a lot of fitness work through cross-training to look after the ankle if need be.

Anonymous said...

Take care and RECOVER well.

Johann said...

All the best with the recovery. You will be out there again for sure.

Tom Meldrum said...

I look forward to seeing you compete at the highest levels once again. I have absolutely no doubt that this will happen. It will take more than this to get in the way of Mr Carver methinks.

John Kynaston said...

Great attitude Chris.

You will be back.

Fiona Rennie said...

NO DOUBT Chris, you will be back running ultras again, the only unknown is the time it may take. Take care, recover well. xx

Flyer said...

Take care Chris- you have the gift of patience and I know you will get back to where you want to be.