Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ouch ... maybe ... or maybe not

On Sunday, when training with some weights, I felt a pain in my lower back ... ouch.  I immediately applied ice, took some ibuprofen and stopped exercising.

On Monday I went to the physio and was relieved to discover that it isn't at all serious and that I can continue running ... so long as I continue with the 2Is *  No weight training for a while though and I've booked a couple of light massages.  The first was this morning and I fell much better.

After that scare I'm fully confident of being completely pain free and back to normal next week.

Must congratulate Debbie Martin-Consani on her fantastic run in the Grand Union Canal Race at the weekend.  She finished first in appalling weather and set a new women's course record.  And, I would suggest, secure her place in the UK team for the World 24 hr Championships - although that is for the selectors to decide when they meet at the weekend.  Well done Debbie.

* 2Is ... ice and ibuprofen

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Debs M-C said...

Thanks, Chris. That's kind of you. Fingers crossed for both of us.

I know the GUCR is on your list of must-do races and I would highly recommend it!

Debs M-C