Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Good weather ... good training

Lovely sunny weather this week ... a bit cool in the early mornings (when I do most of my running) but very warm in the afternoon.

Today, for example, 4.9 C when I left home and 13.0 C when I returned.  That's an amazing temperature difference for a single training run.  Sunny the whole time which made the 19 miles (30 km) along the Leeds Liverpool Canal all the more enjoyable despite having to wear gloves for the first half.

After next Saturday's North of England 12 stage road relay I begin my next 'easy week'.  Two thirds of my planned mileage and with one one long run instead of two - that long run is 50% longer than usual though.  So ... on Monday I've got a 50k training run planned which will be very useful for experimenting with nutrition.

If you want to join me you're quite welcome ...

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