Tuesday, 21 February 2012

a couple of short long runs

Yesterday afternoon and this morning.  Two long runs.  Fartlek then steady.

OK so they weren't very long by our standards but I returned home totally unscathed but a bit tired.  That may have been because much of those two runs were into a strong headwind.  Many of you will know that my shoulders are a weak spot and that was where I came unstuck in the high winds of Llandudno.  Well, I've been doing lots of strength work on that area (and will continue to do so) and recently I've been concentrating hard on maintaining good form when faced with strong winds ... basically trying very hard to relax and to not tense my shoulders and neck.

So far so good but as I only travelled 10.7 and 11.7 miles (17.1 and 18.8 km) there's still much work to be done.  Feeling good though after this afternoon's session with the weights.

Pancakes to look forward to later this evening ...

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Phillip Howells said...

Interesting to read about your strength work Chris. Good stuff to work on upper body I think - I'm sure that core and upper body strength are key to good posture and preventing injury for long distance runners.I know Angie and Mimi both put a lot of effort into cross training such as gym work, cycling and swimming for this sort of reason. Hope it helps lead to even greater success and distances for you this year. All the best, Phillip