Tuesday, 9 November 2010

weather and running

Training going well so far and I'm pleased to report that I'm still here after two long runs (yesterday and today) in atrocious weather.  Especially yesterday when we had heavy rain, strong winds and cold temperatures all day.  After running around Wharfedale and Airedale it seemed to me that the former was much colder than the latter.  I arrived home (I live in Wharfedale) with numb fingers which painfully thawed out over about two hours or so.  Not much fun but runs like this make one stronger mentally.  It doesn't seem so at the time but ...

Today was the same except it wasn't raining.  I found a few large puddles and soggy trails though.  Again not much fun but with a thermal hat and two pairs of thermal gloves it wasn't too bad.

In terms of the weather in this part of the world, the best day this week is forecast to be Wednesday ... the one day I'm not running.  Typical bad planning.  Not by me !!!

Congratulations too to Ellie Greenwood and Lizzy Hawker on their excellent performances in last weekend's World & European 100k Championships which were held in Gibralter.  For GB to have the gold and bronze medals is truly remarkable - especially as those two runners could be said to be trail running specialists.  

Reading the reports carefully it appears that the course measurement or route marking wasn't up to the usual standard and for much of the race the km marking were about 1.3 km beyond where they should have been.  At the pace Ellie was running that's almost 6 minutes.

That's one problem we don't have in 24 hour races.

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I hope you'll have a good luck.