Saturday, 23 October 2010

Yorkshire Veterans Road Relay

This morning I took part in this annual event which was being held in Ilkley for the second time - just six miles up the valley from where I live.

The 2.9 mile circuit comprised a flat first mile, an uphill second mile and then downhill almost all the way back to the finish/start of next stage.

Last year I took part just ten days after the Commonwealth Championships 24 hr race and my time was 19:48.  This year, about 7 weeks after my last 24 hr race, but not having done much speedwork in that time, I managed about 19:09 and felt very good indeed.  I passed one person on the opening flat stretch, another one up the hill and a third going down the other side.

On the whole, a good run.  And my team were the first team from Otley (the other one was disqualified apparently ...).

How can Ilkley Harriers manage to get ten teams together, or more, yet Otley AC can only manage two ?  I know they have more members; but not five times as many.

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