Thursday, 28 October 2010

running ... and running ... and running

Although I've never met him, Tony Mangan is without doubt one of the best ultra runners in the world.  His forte would appear to be 48 hr races and he is the current holder of two out of the four possible world records.

The four are:  track, road, indoors and treadmill.

He holds the records for indoor and treadmill.  The indoor record (426.178 km) was set at Brno, in the Czech Republic, in March 2007 where he became the first person ever to run 200k on each of two consecutive days.

In August 2008 he ran 405 km on a treadmill to recapture that record 'for the running community'. [More about that on the website address below].

A few days ago he ran the Dublin marathon ... and didn't stop at the finish line.  In fact he plans to continue running right around the world.  Unusually he's running westwards but he has good reason - he wanted to begin with the Dublin marathon but not run through Russia during the winter !!!

Sensible.  He plans to arrive back in Dublin in about 1000 days time.

All his past achievements and his progress around the world can be found on  Read and enjoy.

All the best Tony ... I truly hope everything goes well

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