Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Shotz, ultrarunning and me

Jim at ASSIST creative resources [the people who have been kindly supplying me with Shotz since June] phoned me a few days ago to congratulate me on my performance at the recent Commonwealth Championships.

I had previously sent a copy of my race report to Steve Raven - the man at ASSIST who I had been in regular contact with - who forwarded it to Jim.

Jim then wrote a good article about me, Shotz and ultrarunning in general which he posted on two websites here and here.

Also today, Wendy Lynas (Team Manager for the Commonwealth Championships) emailed her Official Report of the event. It makes very good reading indeed and there's lots for me to learn from and take with me to any future championship race I may be selected for.

Wendy also forwarded an excel spreadsheet from the lap recorders on which are all the lap times for all the runners in the event.  Fantastic reading for 24 hour runners who need to know exactly where things worked, where they didn't, where they slowed down, speeded up, toilet breaks, walking breaks, etc, etc.

All in all this is a fantastic resource to help planning future race and understand how I could have improved.

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