Wednesday, 7 October 2009

hope you're still waiting

Well ... "we're waiting" I hear you all shout.  I know you mean my race report from the Commonwealth Championships.

It'll only be another two or three days - and here's why (without going into too many details):

- a death in the family held things up big time last week
- I've developed a horrible cold this week
- I've also been planning my training for the next eight months or so with lots of help from Alan Young
- other pages on this site needed updating too, more details soon
- had an AGM to plan for Otley Parish Church Scouts (I was the secretary, now chairman and newsletter editor)
- had to attend the AGM of Otley AC (I was the secretary and race director of the Otley 10, now vice president only)

As you can see I've hardly been idle.

Anyway, the wait is almost over.  Just hang in there another few days.

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