Friday, 19 June 2009

various things

Harrogate League race 3 last night. Richmond & Zetland Harriers organised the 5.4 mile race with a big hill in the middle - it seemed like about a mile at 1:8 (12%). Lots of people were walking up the second half of this hill which always seemed to promise to end just around the next bend.  Lots of broken promises in Swaledale last night but I was pleased that I managed to run to the top.  The weather was rubbish too ... wet and very windy.  Scenery was OK, as was the generally downhill finish.

I guess you could say it wasn't my favourite course and I'm not sure whether to be pleased with my time or not ... 37:58

Ran 6+ miles first thing this morning.  It was still very windy and my legs were a bit tired but I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it was without trying.

All the best to Richie Cunningham who's running the West Highland Way Race tomorrow - hope the weather's kind ... and for Alan Young too (he'll be there taking loads of photos).

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