Saturday, 12 January 2013

Oh well ...

On Tuesday morning I had a routine appointment with the physio to assess how the first month or running had gone.  After an extensive examination and some tests I was disappointed to learn that four weeks or so of light running has been making things slightly worse with my ankle.

Having recently being diagnosed with gout hasn't helped and the medication for that will probably have to be changed but have no doubt ... I will be back running the races I love.  And that means those that are at least 100 miles (161 km) in length.

Shit happens sometimes I guess ... but cancer had two failed attempts at stopping me so I'm sure I can beat this one too.

Things have obviously not gone too well for me over the past few months but maybe typing out the following song lyric will make me feel a bit better:

LA CONNECTION (Rainbow - 1978)

Carry home my broken bones and lay me down to rest
Forty days of cries and moans
I guess I've failed to pass the test
I've been sent away not a thing to say
I'm banished from the fold
I'm a fallen angel who's lost his wing and left out in the cold

Right now I seem to have a lot of early Whitesnake songs (1978 to 1980) on my mp3 player when I'm cycling.  I guess I'm WALKING IN THE SHADOW OF THE BLUES ... but, you know what,  I AIN'T GONNA CRY NO MORE.

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Mike Blamires said...

I'm sorry to hear you're troubles are ongoing Chris, though I have not a shred of doubt you will be back to form soon enough! Recover well.