Wednesday, 26 December 2012

rehab notes

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas.

I spent a very enjoyable day with Fay and Keir.  Following our family tradition of alternating cooking responsibilities on 25 December it was Fay's turn this year.

While she was in the kitchen I went for a run, the last of this stage of my rehab.  I had been alternating 5 minutes running with 5 minutes walking, beginning with a total of 10 minutes and building up to a total of 70 minutes.  As many of you will know, I score these type of runs according to how 'injury free' I feel whilst running.  100% is perfect.

So far the training has gone:  90%, 92%, 90%, 98%, 90%, 95%, 90%, 97%, 97%, 98%, 97%, 96%, 97%, 97%

That's a small but definite improvement over the two weeks so I'm pleased with that.  Especially as most of the aches I'm feeling seem to be because I had such a long enforced lay off rather than because of the injury itself.  And illness.

Today's run was the first of the next stage which involves running without the walking breaks.  Starting at 10 minutes and building up to an hour.  Non stop.

In this morning's 10 minutes I ran 1.95 k (1.21 miles) but distance isn't in the least bit important at this stage - it's time on my feet that counts.  At 96% the run was perhaps better than I expected considering I hadn't run 10 minutes non stop for more than 15 weeks.

Day off tomorrow then 10 more minutes on Friday.

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