Friday, 11 December 2009

recovery complete

Went to hospital this morning for a check up after my recent illness and the good news is that I've completely recovered and can now begin training normally.

Obviously I'm not going to run anywhere close to 100 miles next week ... or even manage a 20 mile long run. But from a modest base I can now begin to build with confidence.

I have been trying to maintain fitness as much as possible and I believe I'm in a good position to begin training and making plans for next year which will hopefully include the World 24 Hour Challenge in Brive (13/14 May).

I don't expect to hear about possible selection until mid February at the earliest which is a bit of a nuisance really ...

Finally managed to analyse the mass of data I received from the England management following the Commonwealth Championships.  This data comprised full lap times for every runner which show that in Keswick I set personal bests at 50k, 100k, 150k, 200k, 50 miles, 100 miles, 6 hrs, 12 hrs and 24 hrs ... not bad for a days work.

The data also shows that after about 19 hours (120 miles) I was slowing drastically and between 21 and 23 hours it was just a case of hanging on.  I did up the pace ever so slightly between 220k and 230k which I'm pleased about.

I've also just updated some of the stuff on the sidebar to the left.

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