Sunday, 19 July 2009

Washburn Valley Relay

Despite the rain - heavy at times - and the extremely muddy conditions a very good time was had by all everyone in this years Washburn Valley Relay which took place a couple of days ago.  If my memory is correct it often seems to rain at this popular summer evening relay.

Anyway I ran the first stage for my team ... probably the muddiest stage ... and was pleased to record 21:38 for the 3.25 miles.  Especially as trail running isn't exactly my favourite racing surface.  The track through the woods to the north of Fewston Reservoir was really bad in places.

My trail shoes helped a lot though ... Innov 8 Terroc 330 ... the grip on mud and wet trails is brilliant, not much grip on wet stones, rocks, etc but that didn't matter in this race.

Otley AC won the event and my team finished 39th out of 54.

Thanks to all the organisers, timekeepers, etc for putting on a good event in bad weather.

This afternoon I completed a tempo run of six miles. The plan was to run at about 10k pace but the wind wasn't going to make it easy. My target was 6:37.4 to 6:42.0 per mile and my splits were: 6:18 ... 6:24 ... 6:53 ... 6:35 ... 6:42 ... 6:50. Very pleased with this especially after it comes only a week after a quick 46 miler [see Monday 13 July 2009] and less than 48 hours after the Washburn Valley Relay.

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